* 16-bit MS DOS program written for 80486 processors.
-These 16-bit MS DOS programs have been tested and work in DOSBox.
-If the keystroke is not indicated in the program then assume it is the first letter of the option.

32-Bit MS Windows Games

Around the Clock v 2.0 Beta (54 KB)

  • 2023: v 2.0 Beta of Around the Clock solitaire card game.

Hangman v 1.0 Beta (1,416 KB)

  • 2011: v 1.0 Beta of Hangman features customizable word lists, images, and sounds.

* 16-Bit MS DOS Games

* Connect 4 v 1.1 (184 KB)

  • 1999: v 1.1 features improved AI and improved network support.
  • 1996: v 1.0 of Connect 4 featured head to head and network games.

* Sport Man v 1.0 (183 KB)

  • 1998: v 1.0 of Sport Man is a clone of the popular game Pac Man.

* Super Mind (107 KB)

  • 1995: Super Mind is a clone of the popular game Master Mind.

32-Bit MS Windows Applications

Logic Solver v 0.1 Beta (88 KB)

  • 2005: Logic Solver v 0.1 Beta assists you in building, printing, and solving Logic Puzzles.

32-Bit MS Windows Utilities

Sudoku Solver Beta (6 KB)

  • 2007: Sudoku Solver Beta is a command line utility that takes as input: the current state of an n x n Sudoku puzzle and provides as output: whether or not the puzzle is solvable, and if so, a solution to the puzzle.

javascript Games

Basement Window Frame Ball v 1.0 Beta

  • 2022: Basement Window Frame Ball simulates a 'real life' game my boys invented in our basement.